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high performance air filter

High Performance, High Efficiency Filtration with Exceptional Operating Characteristics

AFC offers a variety of high-efficiency air filters. We carry brands such as Viledon, Purolator, Purafil, Glasfloss, Engineered Filtration Systems, and others.
Applications requiring high-performance (low resistance thus reducing power consumption) and high-efficiency (low resistance thus reducing power consumption) filters ranging from MERV 6 through MERV 16 as well as HEPA and ULPA grade filters including Vbank style mini-pleats, pockets, HEPAs, pleats, bags, and canisters feature exceptional operating characteristics based on their truly innovative design features.

Choose a Category that best fits your needs

Bag / Pocket Filters

Excellent for all types of air handling systems, the filter is constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities, and turbulence.

Box Filters & V-bank Filters

Box and V-Bank filters with frame dimensions, depth, and filter performance that meet the requirements of standard air handling systems.

Cartridge / Canister Filters

Cartridge and canister filters for use in supply air systems for gas turbines and turbo compressors both on and offshore.

Evaporative Cooling Pads

Maximum cooling and humidification with low pressure drop, self-cleaning flute design and specially treated, algae resistant substrate.

G.T. Inlet Accessories

For longer output requirements and service periods, optimized air inlet systems allow for both short and long term performance.

Gas Phase / Molecular Filtration

Designed to efficiently remove particulates and odors to improve indoor air quality

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters

For longer output requirements and service periods, optimized air inlet systems allow for both short and long term performance.

HEPA and ULPA Filters

EFS HV (High Volume) HEPA Filters are designed specifically for critical applications that require high efficiency critical particulate (99.99%) filtration.

High Efficiency Mini-Pleated Filters

Mini-pleated filters are constructed to withstand humidity, high velocities, and turbulence as found in both atmospheric air and process environments.

High Temperature Filters

Extremely high temperature filters are composed of special components that resist extreme temperature in facilities that routinely experience high heat.

Media, Socks & Poly Panels

Graduated denier polyester fibers with an upstream layer of larger fibers followed by denser, finer fibers for greater loading, dust holding capacity offer longer life.

Pleats (MERV 8 and below)

With a low initial resistance (energy savings), quality, wide selection, large inventory, and price – pleats are a popular choice but offer shorter cycle times.

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