Combatting Airborne Viruses: Reducing the Risk of Air Pathogen Infections

In light of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, many businesses are being forced to shutter their doors and send employees home to avoid contamination and spread. People are panicking and toilet paper is disappearing from shelves! But there is another way to protect yourself, your business, and/or employees — and it involves staying educated on how viruses spread and the best prevention methods a business can take.

Viruses and How They Spread

Coastal and Tropical Climate Challenges for Commercial Air Filters

Running a business in a tropical climate or near a coast means you have easy access to water, beaches, fresh seafood, and in simplest terms, the good life. However, residing near the beach or coast means the salt air can cause damage to your commercial building, namely your air conditioning and filtration unit.

Designing Commercial Cleanroom Air Filtration Systems and Environments

Maintaining control over your cleanroom environment is critical for effective production and flow of operations. Strict state guidelines for cleanrooms such as in the pharmaceutical, food processing and micro-electronics industries must be streamlined and followed in meticulous detail.


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